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House Approves Resolutions

- School readiness oral assessments: DHASNY encourages (a) dental hygienists in NYS to perform and sign the assessments and (b) components to promote facilitate this involvement.

- Interdisciplinary outreach on children’s oral health: DHASNY pursue interdisciplinary outreach initiatives with community healthcare and social service providers to increase understanding of the importance of oral healthcare for children as integral to overall wellness.

- Collaborative practice under Article 28: DHASNY encourages dental hygienists in New York State to partner with Article 28 facilities to implement this law, effective 2015.

- Tobacco cessation and second-hand smoke with the potential risk of third-hand smoke: DHASNY promotes tobacco cessation training and education and the use of the New York State quit line, and supports tobacco-free outdoor policies. This year, the U.S. Surgeon General has issued "The Health Consequences of Smoking - 50 Years of Progress." Read about our new partnership with the Children's Dental Health Project, at right, to provide educational resources.


Infection Control Resources and One and Only Campaign

CDC resources on Ebola information for healthcare workers; ADHA statement on Ebola.

DHASNY is working with the New York State program of the One and Only professional and public information campaign to increase information about safe injection practices, including dental procedures. Resources are available from the CDC and NYS programs.

Read CDC's Safe Healthcare Blog post from OSAP's Board Chair on his observance of unsafe dental  injection practice and actions to promote safety.


 What's New in Research, Reports

A report of the American Academy of Pediatrics, "Fluoride Use in Caries Prevention in the Primary Care Setting," recommends fluoride use in children (published September online issue of Pediatrics)


The ADHA issued a statement in July of its advocacy for the development of new oral health-care workforce models that will benefit the public, and improve its oral and overall health, with the profession is ready and available to meet this growing need. (July 2014)















Public Policy & the Profession

New Laws

School Readiness Certificates: With DHASNY support, the NYS Education Law now includes dental hygienists as professionals permitted  to assess  and complete school  readiness certificates.  Read more

Collaborative Practice - Article 28 Facilities: A law, effective 2015, will enable a dental hygienist working in Article 28 facilities under NYS Public Health Law to have collaborative arrangements with a dentist who has a formal relationship with that facility. DHASNY is pursuing further collaborative practice  opportunities.  Read more  


Children's Dental Health & DHASNY Team Up on Tobacco Education 

DHASNY has teamed up with The Washington DC-based nonprofit Children's Dental Health Project, in working with the Centers for Disease Control to raise awareness of tobacco's impact on oral health. A new web portal of resources for dental professionals is "live" on CDC's site. We will share additional resources through this collaboration. See the site and read more.

 Mission of Mercy

Mission of Mercy - The volunteer response by dental hygienists to the first Mission of Mercy in.New York State was overwhelming. The free dental services clinic for persons in need, held at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy in June, served more than 1,000 patients. 




facebook brochures

For Public Education: Factsheets Help You Maintain Good Oral Health

DHASNY produces a series of consumer-oriented facsheets that help people focus on maintaining good oral health. You can download these helpful factsheets here.

Charting Career Paths

Catch DHASNY members on Youtube videos talking
about their different dental hygiene career choices.



President's Perspective: Summer Buzzing With Actions for Profession

"Summer time and the living is easy.”

Yes easy, but busier than ever for me, our Executive Director Beth Krueger, and your DHASNY delegates to ADHA.  You know what they say, “if you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life.” Six months into my presidency has been an exhilarating adventure.

DHASNY has been in the forefront making new alliances with the YMCA at the Healthy Kids Day in Albany, participating with NYS Mission of Mercy (see photo at left), and actively participating in policies changes at the ADHA House of Delegates while attending workshops at our CLL National Annual Session. 

In addition over the summer, work continues on our NYS Collaborative Practice Toolkit and participation in the ADHA’s State Education Network (SEN) Alternative Oral Health Workforce Models.

New collaborations have now been formed with NYS Dental Foundation, providing Dental Fluoridation Training Program for dental hygienists across the state and a new initiative with the nonprofit Children’s Dental Health Project, based in Washington, DC, and the Centers for Disease Control - see article at left.

Plans for our 2014 Empire Conference and Annual Session are in full swing and almost completed. Now you will be able to register on-line with PayPal - as well as regular mail. [Registration is now open]