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2 by 2 - DHASNY's 2013 House of Delegates began its November 1 meeting by celebrating the first-ever National Brush Day. Each delegate, toothbrush in hand, made plans to inform children, caregivers and others about the importance of brushing twice daily for 2 minutes each. (That's 2012-2013 President Robin Grasso with the super brush.) National Brush Day resources include this watch-as-you-brush video for children. Dental decay is the most common chronic childhood disease, affecting 16.5 million in the U.S.

House Approves Resolutions

- School readiness oral assessments: DHASNY encourages (a) dental hygienists in NYS to perform and sign the assessments and (b) components to promote facilitate this involvement.

- Interdisciplinary outreach on children’s oral health: DHASNY pursue interdisciplinary outreach initiatives with community healthcare and social service providers to increase understanding of the importance of oral healthcare for children as integral to overall wellness.

- Collaborative practice under Article 28: DHASNY encourages dental hygienists in New York State to partner with Article 28 facilities to implement this law, effective 2015.

- Tobacco cessation and second-hand smoke with the potential risk of third-hand smoke: DHASNY promotes tobacco cessation training and education and the use of the New York State quit line, and supports tobacco-free outdoor policies.


One and Only Campaign

DHASNY is working with the New York State program of the One and Only professional and public information campaign to increase information about safe injection practices, including dental procedures. Resources are available from the CDC and NYS programs.


 What's New in Research, Reports

 The U.S. Surgeon General's report "The Health Consequences of Smoking - 50 Years of Progress" gives updates on the impact of smoking on oral health (January 2014)

In a large study, periodontal disorders have been identified as a potential risk marker for cardiovascular disease, reports the European Society of Cardiology (April 2014)















Public Policy & the Profession

New Laws

School Readiness Certificates: With DHASNY support, the NYS Education Law now includes dental hygienists as professionals permitted to assess  and complete school readiness certificates.  Read more

Collaborative Practice - Article 28 Facilities: A law, effective 2015, will enable a dental hygienist working in Article 28 facilities under NYS Public Health Law to have collaborative arrangements with a dentist who has a formal relationship with that facility. DHASNY is pursuing further collaborative practice opportunities.  Read more 


Have You Heard?

"As states face more demand for oral health, they should examine the role that dental hygienists can play in increasing access to care by allowing them to practice to the full extent of their education and training"

- National Governors Association paper


 Influenza Regs: The New York State Health Commissioner has declared influenza as prevalent for the 2013-14 season. Regulations for Article 28 and other designated facilities require personnel who are not vaccinated against influenza wear a mask during the influenza season while working where patients may be present.  See the Health Dept.'s FAQ.


 Dental hygiene time tunnel - Attendees at the DHASNY Empire Conference President's Dinner were joined by colleagues from the past and future who talked about what it was like to be a dental hygienist in the 1920s, 1940s, 1980s and what might be in store in the future.  You may know our almost-ready-for-prime-time players as Donna DiGioia, Michele Rase, Jean Hall, Christine Rogers, and Karen Palleschi.


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For Public Education: Factsheets Help You Maintain Good Oral Health

DHASNY produces a series of consumer-oriented facsheets that help people focus on maintaining good oral health. You can download these helpful facsheets here.

Charting Career Paths

Catch DHASNY members on Youtube videos talking
about their different dental hygiene career choices.



Welcome 2014 DHASNY Board

Congratulations to members of DHASNY’s  2014 Board of Directors. The Board took office January 1. See new members and the full Board.



 President's Perspective: Welcome to the New Age of Dental Hygiene

Happy New Year, Dental Hygiene Colleagues!

2014 brings a close to the first century of the dental hygiene profession and brings us to a new era.  As the saying goes in Thoroughly Modern Millie…”everything old is new again.” I found great enjoyment in researching our dental hygiene beginnings for the “Living Time Line” to celebrate our 100th Anniversary at the Empire Conference (see photo, left).  In the process, I realized our profession has evolved from “community-based dental hygienists" to private practice preventive specialists" and to the current shift back to community-based dental hygiene.

In the 1930s, with increased public education of the value of good oral hygiene care in promoting good health, organized dentistry saw the great economic potential and value in employing dental hygienists in private practice.  By the 1950s, the “Modern Age of Dental Hygiene” evolved the profession to higher education standards and the growth of our professional organizations. Read more.