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The following provides some basic reference information on laws, rules and regulations relating to the profession, licensure and practice of dental hygiene.It is not a comprehensive list but intended to provide initial background and sources.


Education Law

Dentistry and Dental Hygiene [and Certified Dental Assisting] – Article 133 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/article133.htm



6600 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/article133.htm#intro


Dental Hygiene Restricted Local Infiltration Anesthesia/Nitrous Oxide Analgesia Certificate:

6605-b - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/article133.htm#dhanes


Definition of Practice of Dental Hygiene:

6606 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/article133.htm#dhdef


Practice of Dental Hygiene and Use of Title “Dental Hygienist”:

6607 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/article133.htm#dhuse


Requirements for a License as a Dental Hygienist:

6609 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/article133.htm#dhrqts


Mandatory Continuing Education for Dental Hygienists:

6609-a - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/article133.htm#dhmce


Limited Permit to Practice Dental Hygiene:

6609-b - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/article133.htm#lpdh


Exempt Persons:

6610 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/article133.htm#dhexempt


Special Provisions:

6611 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/article133.htm#dhexempt


Nitrous Oxide Equipment:

6613 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/article133.htm#nox



Rules of the Board of Regents

Unprofessional Conduct

Part 29 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/title8/part29.htm


  General Provisions:

29.1 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/title8/part29.htm#gp


General Provisions for Health Professionals:

29.2 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/title8/part29.htm#hp


Special Provisions for Dentistry and Dental Hygiene:

29.5 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/title8/part29.htm#dent



Commissioner's Regulations

Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, and Certified Dental Assisting


Education Requirements (a); Requirements for restricted local infiltration anesthesia/nitrous oxide analgesia certificate (b):

Part 52 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/part52-dent.htm#dh


Part 61 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/part61.htm


Professional Study of Dental Hygiene (Education Requirements):

61.6 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/part61.htm#dhstudy


Licensing Examination:

61.7 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/part61.htm#dhexam


Licensure by Endorsement:

61.8 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/part61.htm#dhendorse


Practice of Dental Hygiene (Including Supervision Provisions):

61.9 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/part61.htm#dhpract


Continuing Education for Dental Hygienists:

61.16 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/part61.htm#dhce


Dental Hygiene Restricted Local Infiltration Anesthesia/Nitrous Oxide Analgesia Certificate:

61-17 - http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/dent/part61.htm#dhanesth